Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hello Everyone!

I hope that all of you have been able to do most if not all of your Holiday shopping. I finally finished mine yesterday and I am so happy I was able to do everything on time and not have to run around doing last minute shopping. I learned my lesson a couple of years ago when I really thought that I would be able to do all my shopping on the morning of the 24th in 34th street. My attitude that morning was, "Ah, I have Macy's, I have the mall on 33th and Sixth Avenue... it shouldn't be so bad." Well... boy was I wrong! There were mobs and mobs of people on the street, in the stores, lines that were unbelievably long. Needless to say, I got home so exhausted that it just took the whole Christmas spirit away.

Well, on a quick note I would like to let you all know that my team and I are going to take a little holiday break and will be closed from December 23, 2008 until January 5th, 2009.

If you have any inquiries please visit our website:
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I will also like to take this time to wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I also want to thank you for your continuous support and for reading my blog. 2009 will be a very exciting year for DETAIL DIVA EVENTS with our plans to expand and offer many more services to future brides and grooms and everyone else planning memorable event!

Best Wishes,
Ketty Gonzalez

Monday, December 8, 2008

Planning my daughter's first birthday party

Well time is flying by so fast I don't know what to think of it! Yesterday my daughter turned 11 months old which means I only have 4 weeks to plan her first birthday. As I was sitting making my to-do list I said to myself, "Why not blog about it?" So here I am, once again in front of the computer. We have chosen the Hugs and Stitches theme for her and we are running wild with it! Here are some of my tips... I usually suggest to everyone planning a kids party to start planning 6 weeks ahead. Unfortunately many of us are very busy and before we know it we only have (like me) 4 weeks to plan. DON'T PANIC IT CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED!
  • If possible, begin planning your party 4-5 weeks in advance. Allowing plenty of time for on-line shopping, cake orders and enlisting any friends or family you may want to help
  • Pick a theme. Whether it's an elaborate royal kingdom theme, or something easier, like your child's favorite color, selecting a theme will help you organize your thoughts. You'll then plan all of your party supply purchases, party games and decorations around that theme
  • Children remember what they did at a party, much more than what they ate, what the plates and napkins looked like or whether the house was spotless. Don't sweat the little details!
  • The best party times are......1:00 - 3:00 or 2:00 - 4:00. You won't need to serve a meal but a few finger foods are advised. For little ones try 10:00am -11:30 to work around nap time.
No one should go home a loser! Competitive games are enjoyable only for the people who win. A party should be fun...Avoid tears by selecting games where everyone gets a chance to succeed. For example, if it's a game like musical chairs, when a player is called "out", assign that player the task of playing the music. After one round, that player will rejoin the group. Better yet, plan a few cooperative games, in which the whole gang faces a challenge, such as following a treasure map, then they each receive a prize or split the treasure evenly.

Be Prepared!!!
Try setting up your party in activity stations to lead the children in the direction of the party focus. The stations need not be fancy or expensive. The birthday child can pick what they want to do i.e. blocks at one station, dollhouse at another, play dough at another etc.
You should not need more than four stations. Prepare ALL of the activities, games etc. before the party. This enables you to focus on the kids when the party begins.

Ask a friend , family member or neighbor to help with the party. It's likely you have a neighborhood teenager who would love to help, when offered a few dollars for their time.

Party Favors
In choosing party favors, it's better to spend more creativity than money. Give a wonderful thank you item/items that reflects the party theme; a flower pot and seeds for a garden party, modeling clay for an art party. You can even send the kids home with a treasure they've made during the party. The birthday child should hand out the favors. This will remind her to say "thank you".

For the Parents
Many times parents drop off the children and then pick them up about half an hour before it ends or if they are like my friends and family they stay the entire time. Which I'm perfectly okay with because to us is more of a culture thing so we are used to it. Anyway, either way I always suggest some coffee & tea with maybe some cookies & donuts or finger foods with some sort of non-alcoholic beverage for the parents. You can set a table away from the area where the children will be and offer these goodies to the parents while they socialize amongst each other. Don't worry too much about catering to them, after all, it is a kids party. Just set the table and that should be good enough.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the celebration of your child's birth!

I hope you have found these tips helpful... until next time....


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ways to Save on Centerpieces

There is no doubt that in planning your wedding, you’ve spent a bundle on a sumptuous feast, a great band, and the honeymoon of your dreams. And though you want your wedding photos to look like those in magazines, you’re probably also looking for ways to save money without sacrificing good taste. Is that even possible? Absolutely! Spend your money where it counts most. The savings will come in handy when you put together your own simple yet elegant centerpieces.

Wedding, Flowers, Reception, Centerpiece, Orange, Decor

The best centerpieces are those that draw the eye to the beauty of the entire table. When arranging your table displays, remember that size matters! Your centerpiece shouldn’t be too obvious or overpower the place settings. Think of it as putting together an outfit. For the best results, everything on your table should complement everything else.

Here are some great ideas for glamorous, low-cost table decorations. Before making your decision, consider the style of your reception, the time of day or night, the season, and the mood you wish to set.

Theme Wedding

If your wedding has a theme, it can be lots of fun to use items associated with it for your centerpiece. For example, if you are getting married at the beach, you can fill a big, round fishbowl halfway with sand and beautiful shells. If your reception is close to the winter holidays, you may like a big, white bowl filled with silver and/or gold ornaments. And if your wedding is on New Year’s Eve, a container of sparkly wands, pinwheels, noisemakers, and festive blowouts will allow your guests to ring in your new life and the New Year when the time is right!

Sentimental Savvy

For a personal touch (and to make your folks cry), think nostalgia! Choose two medium-sized silver or gold picture frames for each table. Put a picture of you when you were a child in one and a picture of your new husband as a child in the other. Next, set up the frames facing away from one another, and then behind the frames and around the bottom, place greens, sparkly garlands, loose ribbon, or a topiary to hide the backs of the frames and to complete this sweet ensemble. You may also arrange 3-5 frames in a cluster and then fill them with your favorite family photos. This will encourage your guests to mingle as they walk around to view all the pictures!

Another new choice in centerpieces is cupcakes! Simply use a small cake tier, place it in the center of the table, and fill each level with cupcakes topped with your choice of white or colored frosting and sprinkled with sparkling sugar. Maybe the baker in your family will offer to make them as a wedding gift to you. This simple and delicious idea will be a big hit with your guests. I mean, who doesn’t like cupcakes?

The Natural Look

In keeping with a more natural or “green” scheme, wildflowers are a great choice. Simply gather bunches of dried flowers and various stems and leaves, and then hang them over the edges of wide baskets or arrange them in odd-shaped jars, old water pitchers, or kettles. To add some shimmer, try spraying silver or gold spray paint on some of the branches or leaves (or pinecones, if in season).

Citrus is also a nice organic choice. Just fill a large, clear bowl with one type of fruit (usually lemons, limes, or oranges) and coordinate your place cards, china, or glassware in the same color as your fruit selection. To add a little more detail to this clever choice, wrap each lemon, lime, or orange with the same color ribbon, tying a small, tight bow on each.

You can also arrange a single fruit choice in tall, square, or cylindrical clear glass vases. For an extra boost, insert some long-stemmed greens or flowers in the center.

Another way of displaying your fruit choice is by slicing it up! Fill tall, clear vases with lots of quarter-inch slices of lemons or limes, add water, and you’re done! This look can be changed up by using shorter vases and topping off each with a fresh flower. This option not only looks sophisticated, but it gives off a great aroma!

Fresh-Cut Flowers

Although a little more expensive, the simplest and most elegant d├ęcor usually involves fresh-cut flowers. The best thing about flowers is that there are so many types, sizes, and colors, and there are just as many ways to display your favorite ones. For example, you may choose yellow roses for your spring wedding, lilies for a black-and-white evening affair, or daisies for a relaxed afternoon soiree.

Wedding, Flowers, Reception, Centerpiece, Tall, Branches, Kerim, Blooms

A single red rose standing alone in a tall, clear vase surrounded by a handful of rose petals around the base is the statement of the uncomplicated and sophisticated bride. Change the rose to a gardenia for a less formal look, or replace the vases with old, water-filled champagne bottles to add antique charm. For a more creative and romantic look, circle 5-10 flowered teacups and saucers in the center of your table. Then fill each teacup with water and add your choice of flower to sit on top. In the center of the grouping, simply add a small vase full of the same flower, and fin! A great way to get your family more involved (if you dare) is to ask aunts, cousins, and grandparents to lend you their china teacups. The variety of patterns will provide much to talk about!