Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meet My Sassy Sisters In Sales


I hope that all my readers had a great Memorial Day weekend, I for sure did. Today I want to let everyone know about this internet group I am a member of called Sassy Sisters In Sales. I know it's a bit off topic especially since I always write about weddings and events. I just want to share how excited I feel to be part of this group. This is a group of women in business who are unique in their own ways. Not only do we all help each other out but we also give each other LOTS of support and this is why I love these gals. As a women in business, I am all for supporting other women as well. I am a HUGE fan of supporting small businesses because unlike the big companies you receive your orders with a personal touch and many times with a letter thanking you for your purchase. Yes, a letter...not just a "Thank you for your patronage". Isn't that wonderful?

My last purchase were these handmade soaps from Satify Your Senses and I was so HAPPY with my order. Mary Reid is the owner and she does such a great job. I loved how all the soaps I order smell so WOW! Just recently I ordered a Tutu from Mommy Sunshine Designs for my 16 month old daughter and although I haven't received it yet I know I am going to like it, if not, love it.

As a matter of fact, we have Brenda the owner of an online lingerie boutique named Naughty and Nice Lingerie. Brenda sells lots of beautiful and sexy lingerie and does BRIDAL PARTIES (hint, hint). She currently has a blog where she talks about these fun parties where you can gift the bride-to-be and get her ready for her honeymoon. If you want to visit Brenda's blog click here.
Recently I have partnered with Jean owner of Jean May Originals. Jean is currently working on a new bridal line which I will keep you all informed in the very near future. So keep your eyes opened for that post. We also have a CUP CAKE LADY! Micki Mcbee is a proud MILITARY MOM and the owner of Baby Cakes. Micki makes these outstanding cup cakes and she ships all over the U.S. We have our dear Ferf who's real name is Jennifer Stoll and she is our Stand Up Coach. She is fabulous and full of advise. She has written a book which I recommend to anyone who is in business, really! We also have Debbi Anderson who keeps us all together in a way that only she can. Debbi is the owner of... well let's just say MANY THINGS and she is awesome and great at it. She is the owner of Debs Gift Boutique so please stop by and see what she has to offer, you will not regret it. We have Andrea Baker, I like to call her "my feedburner coach" (don't hate me for this one Andrea) She is the owner of an Etsy shop called Handmade By Andrea. I cannot begin to tell you how talented she is so...you are going to have to see that for yourselves. She is awesome!

The list goes on and on! I am missing many of my friends right now by not mentioning them or their business and I apologize to them (Ladies I promise I will write another post and give you some props too.)

You can meet ALL of my dear Sassy Sisters on the new blog that has been created by four of the members. PLEASE visit The Sassy Sisters In Sales and please take a moment to look at the right hand side bar, there you will be able to click on each business which will direct you to their individual websites.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bridesmaid - Etiquette


I know I have been MIA and I apologize, really. I have been doing a lot of networking and going to many meetings always trying to find as many vendors as possible. I am always on the look out for new ideas so I can be of better service to my clients.

Wedding season is in full swing and I love it and a
lthough many have already married, there are still some of you who are going to be walking down the aisle in a couple of months and are still debating what your bridesmaid should or shouldn't wear or who pays for what. Here are four of the most common questions/debate that many brides go through so...I thought I would write about it today. I really hope the following Q&A help you in making a wise decision.

Do bridesmaids have to pay for their own dresses?

Bridesmaids are generally expected to pay for their own wedding-day ensemble (shoes and jewelry included). Talk to your bridesmaids individually about any financial concerns, and tactfully work out a solution that suits both of you -- maybe you will pay for half or all of the cost, or you can set up a payment plan. Above all, try to choose a dress that's reasonably priced, or consider letting your maids choose their own gown. Give some color/style requirements (i.e., black and ankle length), and ask them to show you the dress for final approval (just in case it's a little too risque for grandma's taste).

What is the proper order in which to line up your bridesmaids and groomsmen? I was under the impression that you have them in the order of who is important in your life. Someone else said you put them in order by height.

This can get sticky. Do the height thing only if you care about that sort of thing for the pictures, etc. That might save you some grief. If you go the other route, though, handle the "you're important to me" approach with care. You don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers. Maybe arrange the girls in order of how long you have known each bridesmaid: family first, then friends, and so on. But you see how even this plan has the potential to hurt feelings. Maybe the best thing to do is let your attendants decide the order among themselves.

Am I required to give my bridal team "thank you" gifts? How much do I spend?

Think of it this way -- your maids are majorly putting themselves out for you. To remain in their good graces, show your gratitude by gifting them properly. Many brides give out gifts at the rehearsal dinner. Sometimes it's something the girls can wear on the day of the wedding, like a barrette or a bracelet. Other brides say thanks with a magazine subscription, wedding keepsakes, or special gifts handpicked with each attendant's interests/tastes in mind. As for a price range, it depends entirely on your budget. We think spending $25-$75 is a safe be

Most of my bridal party is from out of town. They will most likely need to stay in a hotel for two to three nights. Is it their responsibility to pay for their hotel rooms? Or is the onus on the bride's family? Also, would it be okay to split the cost with the attendants as a possible compromise?

Generally, the attendants are responsible for paying their own way, just like they pay for what they'll wear to your wedding and for getting there. And usually, if you have out-of-towners in for your wedding, you'll be able to reserve a block of rooms at a discount, which ought to help them save cash. Going halvesies is perfectly fine, but know that you and your family shouldn't be expected to pay.

Remember ladies, if you have any questions or feel confused about something please feel free to comment or ask here. Also, if you prefer, you can always send me a direct email to ketty@detaildivaevents.com