Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do we have to send "Save the Date" cards?


I know it has taken me a while to write again and I apologize to all whom follow my blog. I have been re-organizing and creating new folders and new everything else for my future clients. I feel very confident that 2009 is going to be our year, "Detail Diva Events Year". I must admit that with everything that is happening with the economy everyone feels they can't afford extras or at least feel that they should hold on to what they have and spend it wisely. The good thing is, I have done 3 meetings this month and all three 3 couples have asked for the "Day of Wedding" package. Although I am used to having clients wanting the "Full Wedding" package it still feels good to know that couples still want to get married and still feel they can use our service just not to a certain extent which is perfectly fine with me and I also consider it a very SMART move. Only you as an individual knows how hard you work for your money and therefore determine where and how your money should be spent. As a wedding planner I feel that I will still be able to be part of their VERY SPECIAL day and still take away the stress off when their special day is here.

Today, I decided to discuss this VERY famous question "Do we really have to send save-the-date cards?" Here are some tips and hopefully it will help you determine if you need to. Every situation is different so it's really up to the couple to figure if it's necessary.

Custom Save the Date Cards by ajkartistry

save the date by subxcorrecta

As destination weddings and three-day weekends have become m
ore standard, so have save-the-dates. And if you're marrying during high travel time like a holiday weekend or summer in a beach town, a save-the-date is an expected courtesy. Of course, you don't have to send one if you don't want to, but it will give guests a heads up about your wedding plans. Between travel arrangements and busy schedules, deciding to send a save-the-date will increase guest chance of attending your celebration. That's the goal, right?

As a general rule, it's best to start spreading the news at around six months prior to the ceremony (eight months for faraway locale). This gives guests plenty of time to book their travel, save a bit of cash, and ask for days off from work. Any earlier, and they may toss the notice aside. Any later, and it may as well be an invitation.

Save the date cards by Krystalsphotos

Should you send save-the-date to everyone on your list? The answer is no, just to the people that you want to come to your wedding. Once these are in the mail there's no turning back. Seriously though, a save-the-date is essentially an early invitation to the wedding and even if you have shared wedding details with some guests, you still need to send them one (bridesmaid, siblings, and parents too).

What's the best way to announce your wedding date to the masses? Take the formality of your wedding into account then consider wording your save-the-date more casual, I would say about 10 percent more casual.

Please remember if you have any questions or would like more ideas you can email me ketty@detaildivaevents.com Until next time!!!

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