Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Off White Wedding Dresses

Hello there!

So many times my brides debate whether they should wear a white gown or an off white one,. Often times they ask for my opinion and I tell them, "Let's go wedding dress shopping for that answer."  If you are a bride debating over the same issue, please continue to read.

Ancient Greeks wore white wedding dresses to symbolize purity, but wearing white on your wedding day didn't become popular until Anne of Brittany wore a white gown when she married XII in 1499.  Today many brides are choosing not to wear white; instead they are choosing gowns in off white and ivory.  Alot of  brides think that they want a white dress. But, when they begin to try them on they realize that white is not the easiest color to wear and they feel much more comfortable in shades of eggshell and cream.

What do you think?

Ketty G.

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