Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shopping For The Perfect Florist

Hello Everyone!

Well, this past week I have been florist shopping, (that's what I like to call it).  As a wedding planner you could never meet enough vendors.  I always, always welcome vendors and try to expand my list as much as possible.  Now, do I always meet the right vendors?  That is something I have to filter and make sure that they are indeed TALENTED, RESPONSIBLE and offer GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. 

Last week I composed a list of eight florist in New York City because I felt that my current list wasn't sufficient.  So... I called for appointments and went on my little adventure.

After my third appointment I realized certain things that I just had to share here on my blog.  Many books, articles, blogs talk about these same exact things but sometimes people either choose to ignore what they have already read or they just forget about, "That interesting article I read the other day." 

So here is to hoping that my followers remember mine....

All my appointments were unique in their own ways.  For the most part when you call they all tell you that you need an appoinment which of course guarantees your spot.


Before your appointment, make sure you do your homework and search for REVIEWS.  Yes, many people do take the time and post a review.  Now, reviews can be tricky.  Some people become upset about the tinyest little detail and trash a whole company who most likely tried their best to please this one customer.  When you look at reviews, you need to look for a pattern.  Let's say your local florist has 10 reviews and 3 out of  the 10 where negative reviews, I'd say... "Give them a shot."  Let them know that you did take the time to see their reviews and your saw some negative ones.  Alot of times the vendor will know this and explain the reasons, although they really are not obligated to do so.  If they do, discuss and see their reaction.  If you are not satisfied with the reaction simply thank them for their time and walk away.  If you are satisfied, let them know that you are giving them a chance and you expect the best they have to offer.  Most likely this vendor is going to remember you and do all they can to make you happy.  Most likely you will be that next person writing a great review for them. 


Very important.  Most florist have one instantly as soon as you ask, others will have a blog or a website as their portfolio.  This is really up to you to decide which one you would rather see.  Just make sure you SEE SOMETHING.


Most florist are incredibly talented and that is a great thing.  But... if they are not going to take your ideas, colors, dreams into consideration...THAT'S A BAD SIGN.  With that said, you also need to remember that a good florist will make suggestions as this is part of their job.  Just make sure they suggest along the lines of what you have already visioned or the colors you vision, etc.  Maybe the florist will suggest an arrangement you never even thought about, yet you LOVE IT.  Then hey...GO FOR IT!

One of the florist I visited was extremely good, had beautiful displays, beautiful shop but was so ARROGANT even in front of his customers. I was really hoping he was having a bad day but then when I saw that he hanged the phone on someone and cursed... huh?  Well needless to say, I left. It was a shame because I can honestly say that I really liked what he as florist had to offer.  Unfortunately, what I saw that day was exactly what I had already read in his reviews and then it all made sense. His reviews reflected poor delivery on time.  One reviewer stated that when he/she called the owner was very rude over the phone.  All this translates to poor customer service.

Please make sure you feel comfortable in every way with your florist, that you see eye to eye and that customer service is great where now you are confident that on wedding day they are going to come through for your wedding like CHAMPS!

So, there you have it. This is just one of the many things of the life of a wedding planner. We make sure we recommend vendors whom a good in all aspects and are able to offer a worry free wedding day. 


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