Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mom & Son Bonding

I finally had the day off today only to run around with family errands. I did some much needed shopping and was able to spend the day with my teenage son. He was home today because of the holiday and I decided to invite him to go shopping with me in New Jersey (my second home). It's amazing how your kids will talk to you while you are driving. I really think it's because we can't really look at them as we drive (LOL!). Although I have a baby girl at home and wonderful husband I only wanted my son to go with me because we were due for some MOM & SON BONDING and it was great. I hate to admit this but he actually taught me something new about the Mine Calendar (?).

Well, today I wanted to inform all women with small business that I am part of a great group called Unique-Women-In-Business. It's a Yahoo group and these women are absolutely incredible. Most of them own Etsy shops and most of the products are handmade. We also have wonderful members who are either Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, etc representatives. The group also welcomes women who are only interested in shopping. So, if that describes you then by all means join us today.

Membership is by invitation ONLY so if you are interested in joining please click on the Yahoo banner on the right hand side of the screen and don't forget to mention Detail Diva Events invited you.

I will definitely talk about events and weddings on my blog but I also want to take the time and feature some of my new found friends to give my blog a different twist and hopefully make it more interesting. Until next time!

Oh, I almost forgot... some have asked me what's my website. Well, if you scroll down to the very bottom I have a clickable banner there or you can just type the following into your search button the www.detaildivaevents.com


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