Sunday, November 23, 2008

Should we get CupCakes instead of a Wedding Cake?

I wanted to share the new trend of Cupcakes as Wedding Cakes.

There are so many ways your baker can customize your cupcakes. Plus, cupcakes make great alternatives for weddings on a budget.

When ordering your cake ask your baker to assist you in planning a decor to match your theme or your wedding colors.

High Tea by The Cupcake Princess.

Beautiful Spring Colors

Summer Bridal Shower - Mag shoot by The Cupcake Princess.
This is a very elegant and elaborate presentation.
Double S cake by The Cupcake Princess.
Following your wedding colors is a fun way to personalize your cupcakes

Wedding with fresh flowers by The Cupcake Princess.
You can also use fresh flowers to give it that elegant and personal touch in accordance with the flowers being used for the brides bouquet.

Fresh Wedding by The Cupcake Princess.

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  1. I opted for a traditional wedding cake cus I'm really a traditionalist when it comes to dessert. I love the option of having a small one-tierd cake for the top so that the couple can still cut the cake (or keep it to eat on their one year anniversary), but then cupcakes for the guests!